Ultimate Diving – World’s Top Wreck Diving by Marcelina

Some of the most adrenaline-fuelled and fascinating dives in the world are wreck dives ranging from  the Umbria cargo ship just off the coast of Sudan to the luxury Bianca C liner in Grenada and  Truk Lagoon’s ocean floor holding an entire fleet frozen in time.  Most wreck divers’ will go to the end of the earth for the perfect wreck dive experience. We have listed some of the once in a lifetime “must dives”, have a look, we guarantee you will love it!

1. Thistlegorm, Red Sea


The Thistlegorm is in the Strait of Gobal, north of Ras Mohammed is one of our old time favourites. This British vessel was attacked from air and sunk in 1941 whilst carrying a cargo of war supplies including motor bikes, trucks, rifles and train carriage. Today, the Thistlegorm is a massive wreck, 131 metres long to be precise where you’ll have to do various dives to be able to fully explore.


2. Bianca C, Grenada



The Bianca C is also nicknamed as the “Titanic of the Caribbean” due to her sheer size. This luxury liner sank in 1961 after a boiler room explosion causing a fire that burned for several days. At 180 metres, this is the largest wreck that you can dive in the Caribbean sitting upright on her keel in 50 metres of water. The opportunity to see one of her upper deck swimming pools is a particular dive thrill.


3. Hilma Hooker, Bonaire



The Hilma Hooker is a must-do dive! This purposely sank cargo ship lies on the sandy bottom of a beautifully reefed slope, near Kralendijk. This massive wreck is covered with pristine coral, sponges, beautiful sea fans and a massive abundance of marine life. It’s a fascinating dive!


4. Umbria, Sudan



The Umbria is one of the best preserved wrecks in the world. An Italian transport ship carrying bombs from Messina encountered British warships and on June 10th 1940 the crew decided to scuttle the ship and its content rather than give it up to the British. You can still see the small lifeboat cranes from the surface of the water. Below the ship you will be transported into another world. You are not able to investigate this wreck in only 1 dive it takes at least 3 to see the full extent of what it has to offer. Many refer to this pristine beauty as looking like a museum piece with its eerie atmosphere.


5. HMS Hermes, Sri Lanka



The HMS Hermes was the world’s first custom built aircraft carrier. During WWII, this Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier was sunk off Sri Lanka’s East Coast and has lain almost unknown until recently.  Today, the HMS Hermes lies in 53 metres of clear warm water intact on its port side and is intact teeming with marine life.


6. Fujikawa Maru, Truk Lagoon


Fujikawa Marua is a 135 metre long Japanese freighter which served as an aircraft ferry. She sits upright on the sea floor with the upper decks covered in brilliant soft corals. Lionfish, blennys, anemones with clownfish make this wreck one of the most popular dives in Truk Lagoon. The cargo hold contains parts for Zero fighters including props, wings, fuselages as well as aircraft guns, machine gun bullets and sake bottles.


7. Nippo Maru, Truk Lagoon


Nippo Maru in Truk Lagoon is a 108 metre long freighter sitting upright between 15 and 45 metres after it was sunk during the US raid on the Japanese supply fleet after the destruction of Pearl Harbour. There is little coral due to depth but this ship has the best preserved wheelhouse in the lagoon with artillery guns, a tank, land mines and 2 trucks.



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