Reefs, Wrecks and Mantas of Micronesia by Marcelina

Reefs, Wrecks and Mantas of Micronesia  

Micronesia is the ultimate diving destination and on the list of any keen diver but often overlooked due to the logistics of getting this trip organised. Yes it includes a number of flights and yes it takes a long time to get there and back but this 26 day itinerary will allow you to explore the best Micronesia has to offer.


Our Reefs, Wrecks and Mantas of Micronesia itinerary include 1 week in Palau, 1 week in Truk and 1 week in Yap, the three most famous diving destinations of Micronesia.


Day 1:


You first flight will depart from London Heathrow at 12:25 with Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong arriving 07:10 the next morning and departing at 08:00 to Manila.


Day 2:


Your flight will arrive in Manila at 09:55. You have the whole day to explore Manila as you flight to Koror only departs in the evening at 22:55. A day hotel can be organised for you if you prefer to have a rest and freshen up before your next flight.


In the evening you have to be at the airport at least 2 hours before your evening flight to Koror is due to depart. This flight is via Guam, arriving at 04:35 in the morning with a connection in the afternoon departing at 18:50. Again you have some time to explore the island if you would like to or if you prefer a day hotel can be organised for you.


Day 3:


On arrival in Koror at 19:50 you will be met by a member of the Palau Pacific Resort team and transferred to the resort for an immediate check in.


From day 4 to day 8:


This is when the real Micronesia diving adventure starts. Early in the morning you will need to make your way to the Splash Palau Dive Centre for the start of your 5 day diving package based on 2 dives a day.


Palau offers divers the opportunity to experience the thrill of close proximity to reef sharks, the amazing feeling of drifting in the ocean currents along walls saturated with colourful corals and the chance to float in a sea of jellyfish. Here you will become very close to more than 1300 types of fish inhabiting the coral lagoon and adjacent islands like sharks, barracuda at Blue Corner and manta rays at the German Channel.


Day 9:


On day 9 you will make your way to Truk, the second destination in this itinerary. Your flight from Koror to Truk will leave early in the morning at 02:35 arriving Guam at 05:30. The connection flight will depart from Guam at 09:30 and arrive in Truk at 11:10 in the morning. After a short transfer you will be directed to the Truk Stop Hotel reception area for check in. When arriving this early at the resort you can start you diving in the afternoon if you like.


From day 10 to day 15:


Enjoy a 6 day diving package based on 2 dives a day in the morning or afternoon. Truk Lagoon is now a graveyard of submarines, fuel tankers and cargo ships sunk by the US bombers. There are more than 100 vessels and aircraft at the bottom of the shallow lagoon and many ships are aground on the reefs. This ghostly fleet remains mostly intact, now a vast underwater war museum richly encrusted with life and preserved as a monument to ships, planes, tanks, guns and all sorts of equipment lay preserved in this aquatic grave where only divers can visit.


Day 16:


Day 16 is schedule as a resting day for you to explore Weno or to simply rest at the resort. If you want to continue diving then we can arrange additional dives in the morning.


Day 17:


Time to head to Yap, the third destination on this itinerary. Your flight departs from Truk to Yap at 14:25 via Guam, arriving Guam at 15:55 and departing at 23:59. A day hotel can be organised for you in Guam upon request.


Day 18:


You will arrive in Yap early hours in the morning at around 01:35 in the morning. On arrival you will be met by a member of the Manta Ray Bay Hotel and transferred to the hotel for immediate check in. If you want to start diving in the morning you need to make sure that you inform reception on arrival.


From day 18 to day 24:


This is the opportunity to enjoy a package of 10 dives with Yap Divers , an award winning diving centre based on the grounds of the Manta Ray Bay Hotel. Yap is famous for the population of resident Manta Rays congregating in great numbers in the waters surrounding the island. In addition to that you will also have the opportunity to dive with reef sharks and a diversity of tiny creatures.


At the Manta Ray Bay Hotel and Yap Divers you have the “Supersize Me” option where you get a 3rd dive a day added to your package and lunch served on the boat between the 2nd and the 3rd dive.


Day 25:


This is where you say goodbye to Yap and start your journey home. Your flight from Yap to Manila will depart early in the morning at 02:35 via Guam arriving at 04:05. The connection flight will depart at 19:05 to Manila arriving at 20:40. A day hotel can be organised for you in Guam upon request.


On arrival in Manila you will be met by an Ultimate Diving representative and transferred to the City Garden Hotel in Makati City for an overnight stay.


Day 26:


Early in the morning you will be met at the hotel reception by our representative and transferred to Manila airport for your international flight home. The flight departs at 06:20 arriving Hong Kong at 08:20. The connection flight departs at 09:55 arriving London Heathrow at 16:00.


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