Philippines Adventure by Marcelina

 Philippines Adventure The Philippines is the perfect destination for those looking for a holiday of the most exhilarating kind. With one of the most productive ecosystems in the world, more than 800 types of colourful corals and a vast array of marine life, the best way to explore this destination is to do a multi-centre holiday.


Our 22 days itinerary lets you do just that! Ultimate Diving can offer a number of multi-centre holidays in the Philippines based on the resorts listed on our website. This tailor made itinerary allows you to dive with Thresher Sharks in Malapascua and then experience extremely varied diving with slopes, walls, caves and canyons in Moalboal.


Day 1:


Depart from London Heathrow on at 11:25 on a Cathay Pacific flight via Hong Kong arriving at 07:00 the next morning and departing to Cebu at 09:05.


Day 2:


On arrival in Cebu, you will be met by a member of the Exotic Dive & Beach Resort who will transfer you to Malapascua for the start of your diving adventure. The transfer time takes approximately 4 hours by land and boat and once you arrive at the resort you will be directed to the reception area for check-in. If you have time on arrival day, visit the dive centre to get a schedule time for the first dive on the following day or ask reception.


From day 3 to day 7:


Your Philippine dive experience starts on day 3 with the Exotic Dive Shop where you can enjoy a dive pack of 10 dives over 5 days. Malapascua Island has something for all divers. Here you will have the opportunity to experience the only daily Thresher Shark sightings in the world and encounter whitetip sharks, mantas, mandarin fish, countless nudibranches, pygmy seahorses and many more.


Day 8:


On day 8 you will leave the resort at around 10am for your transfer to Moalboal. The transfer from Malapascua to Cebu town will take around 6 hours. After a short break in Cebu you will be transferred to Moalboal by a member of the Magic Island Resort . The transfer time from Cebu to Moalboal is around 3 hours.


On arrival at the Magic Island Resort you will be met by Arie and Desiree, the resort owners who will happily welcome you to their resort and show you to your cottage where you will stay for the next 7 nights.


From day 9 to day 21:


On day 9 you will have the opportunity to continue exploring the Philippines waters with the Magic Island Dive Centre with a dive pack of 10 dives or more depending on how many dives you want to do a day.


The Magic Island Dive Centre is located within the resort grounds with a beautiful house reef running across the front of the resort where you can enjoy relaxing day and night dives. The dive schedules are planned in the evening and you can normally see them written on the board. The dive sites are relatively close to each other and you will have the opportunity to experience varied dives from slopes and walls, small caves and canyons to healthy coral reefs teeming with beautiful marine life ranging from small nudibranchs to the very big whale sharks.


While in Moalboal you will have the opportunity to dive Pescador Island a couple of times. Here you will experience the most amazing school of sardines, see beautiful frog fish, schools of lion fish, barracudas, tuna and snappers and other marine species.


Day 22:


On your last day you can take part on the daytrips to the magnificent Kawasan waterfalls. After a short drive, you will hike through the jungle passing through villages along the Kawasan River with a local guide. Slowly you will hear the sound of the waterfalls getting louder as you approach. The crystal clear waterfall has five levels all of which you visit. Finally you end at level 1 where you enjoy a great barbeque and take a refreshing swim.





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