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Thresher Shark

Customer Name: Kennedy, M. Date of travel: July 2015 Destination: Malapascua, Philippines Holiday description: 13 Nights at the Malapascua Exotic Dive Resort Holiday Score: 11/10   Hi Marcelina, First day back at work what a bore ! With regard to your questions Yes the holiday was excellent value for money The diving … Continue reading

Dave in the Philippines

Following a meeting at the London Dive show recently, I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to the island of Malapascua in the Philippines.   While Ultimate Diving were supporting the Philippines tourism stand, I was lucky enough to get chatting to Becca Johansson the Dive Centre Manager at Exotic Dive Resort … Continue reading

Monad - Thresher Shark

The Exotic Dive & Beach Resort in Malapascua is almost up to its normal atmosphere after the typhoon “Haiyan” last November and the islands residents have slowly recovered and rebuilt their homes with the given help from different organisations around the world.   To help boost the tourism on the island again we … Continue reading

Monad - Thresher Shark

Philippines diving just £1,308!   Malapascua is fast becoming a diver’s hotspot known for Thresher Sharks, White-tip Sharks, Manta Rays and Devil Rays.One of the few places in the world that you have a good chance of regularly seeing Thresher Sharks is Monad shoal, just 20 minutes away!   This package includes … Continue reading


 Philippines Adventure The Philippines is the perfect destination for those looking for a holiday of the most exhilarating kind. With one of the most productive ecosystems in the world, more than 800 types of colourful corals and a vast array of marine life, the best way to explore this destination is to do … Continue reading