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Best ways to remember coral names!!   Having to learn so many different corals by their family and genre in only 10 days certainly brought its difficulties during my time in the Seychelles.   However between our group and with some guidance from our instructors we made up some clever ways of … Continue reading


Due to a technical error this week I am unable to post the pod cast but there will definitely be one soon!   Instead I will talk about the Siderastreidae family.   The Siderastreidae family consists of Siderastrea, Pseudosiderastrea and Psammacora (silent P for both!)   Siderastrea Siderastreidae has fan like septa, … Continue reading

Turbinaria 1

After reviewing some of the most common families in the past 3 weeks I have decided to review a couple of more unusual families. Oculinidae, Euphyllidae and Dendrophylliidae only have 1 genre for each.   The Oculinidae family consists of Galaxea.   The Euphyllidae family consists of Physogyra   The Dendrophylliidae family … Continue reading

alveopora 3

This week I have decided to delve into a slightly tougher group of corals the Poritidae family. Whereas the previous 2 families we have looked at have varied from each genre these are much more similar in appearance and are often mistaken for each other. However, there are subtle differences which I … Continue reading