Rainforest Conservation by Tom

Rainforest Conservation with Ultimate DivingEven with the most energy-efficient forms of passenger transport, it is inevitable that travel to and from dive sites will have some negative impact on the natural environment. Greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted during the combustion of fossil fuels by aircraft contribute to global warming, which if unchecked, will alter the ecosystems and the incredible biodiversity with which we share the planet. We can, however, take steps to reduce our impact on the environment. At Ultimate Diving we are committed to environmentally responsible and sustainable travel. To this end, we support the World Land Trust, an international biodiversity conservation charity based in Suffolk, England.


For over 20 years the World Land Trust has been working with partners throughout the world to preserve and protect critically threatened habitat rich in biodiversity. The Trust’s Carbon Balanced projects achieve this goal whilst also offsetting GHG emissions. In recognition of the impact of our operations on the Earth’s climate, Ultimate Diving makes a donation to the Carbon Balanced programme for every customer travelling with us, thereby helping mitigate the environmental impact of our diving holidays.


Between January and June 2011 our contribution to the Carbon Balance Fund in recognition to all our customers who booked their diving holidays through UltimateDiving.co.uk ensured an offset of an additional 2.333 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide through the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme.


Additionally, in partnership with the World Land Trust, we offer our customers the chance to fully offset the emissions involved in their flights by contributing to the Carbon Balanced programme. Some representative costs to offset the emissions of return flights through the Trust’s Carbon Balanced conservation projects are provided below. Please speak to a reservations representative for further details of this option.


Round trip from Birmingham to:

  • Hurghada – £28.89
  • Sharm-El-Sheikh – £28.64
  • Malta – £13.66
  • Cape Verde – £31.09

Round trip from London Gatwick to:

  • Hurghada – £27.71
  • Sharm-El-Sheikh – £27.48
  • Marsa Alam- £29.07
  • Malta – £12.56
  • Cape Verde – £30.68
  • Grenada – £49.77
  • Maldives – £60.46

Round trip from Manchester to:

  • Hurghada – £29.46
  • Sharm-El-Sheikh – £29.20
  • Marsa Alam- £30.82
  • Malta – £14.26
  • Cape Verde – £31.55
  • Maldives – £61.75

Round trip from London Heathrow to:

  • Cayman Islands – £54.89
  • Bonaire – £32.78
  • Nassau – £49.79
  • Cairns – £107.61
  • Bali – £88.97
  • Lombok- £89.30
  • Phuket – £70.39
  • Manado – £86.81
  • Manila – £76.60
  • Cebu – £80.58
  • Tawau- £82.01
  • Fiji – £115.72
  • Turks & Caicos – £49.09
  • Chuuk – £92.19
  • Yap – £86.44

If you want to find out more details on the World Land Trust conservation and the Carbon Balanced programme, visit their websites where you find detailed information on projects and resources.


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