Lanzarote – We have some sweet deals for you! by Marcelina

Lanzarote – We have some sweet deals for you!


The Ultimate Diving team has just added Lanzarote to its diving portfolio to bring dive clubs and all individual and keen divers with limited holiday time the flexibility of getting away and get their diving fix.




7 nights including flights, accommodation in the Costa Volcan Spa, (room only, 2 people sharing)

transfers, 10 dives with your own equipment

London Gatwick: From £580pp

London Stanstead: From £620pp

Manchester: From £590pp

Birmingham: From £619pp

London Luton: From £590pp

Fancy upgrading to half board? Have your breakfast and 2 course evening meal in Clancy’s Bar Lanzarote for only £110pp per week!



Top Dive Sites


The Cathedral – Shore Dive

Accessed from the beach (Playa de la Barrilla). It is a short surface swim out of the bay and then a free descent to approximately  14m. Follow along the reef to the left and over a drop-off which leads down to the ‘Cathedral’ at approximately 30 metres. The ‘Cathedral’ is a large underwater lava cave, which funnels down towards the rear. There are alcoves of finger coral and small shrimp and glass fish at the far end and there are many soft corals on the cave walls and roof. Grouper fish are very often found there. This is also a regular hang out for some beautiful trumpet fish. Torches are recommended to explore the cave to full advantage.


The House Reef – Shore Dive

Accessed via the beach or the jetty with a short surface swim then a free descent to approximately 12 metres at which point the dive runs along the end of the protected bay with overhangs on either side. The bottom contours can be followed to a depth of approximately 25 metres. There are a variety of fish including grouper, barracuda, angel shark and rays to be seen. Large shrimps, globular anemone, arrowhead crabs and octopus can also be found there which is why it also makes an interesting dive that can be done several times, all of which will vary.


Blue Hole – Shore Dive

Accessed by a jump entry from the jetty and followed by a swim out to the entry point. You free descend down to about 12 – 14 metres to where the Blue Hole commences. The Hole is 2-3 metres wide and deep and leads from about 18 metres down, through the reef and out the other side at around 25 metres into the deep blue waters of the Atlantic. There is a very noticeable thermocline at the transition between the two as the reef drops to around 35 metres in depth on the Atlantic side. The site is visited by barracuda, grouper and angel shark. A torch is well worth bringing on this dive to explore the inner walls of the Hole.


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