Coral Knowledge Week 6 by Emily

Best ways to remember coral names!!


Having to learn so many different corals by their family and genre in only 10 days certainly brought its difficulties during my time in the Seychelles.


However between our group and with some guidance from our instructors we made up some clever ways of remembering certain corals by their look and their names.


Doogle has funky herpes was probably my proudest moment! Heroplithia Fungiidae has a remarkable resemblance to Doogle from the Magic Roundabout and therefore this name stuck with just about everyone. And even to this day whenever I see a ‘Doogle’ underwater I laugh!

Siderastrea Siderastreidae looks just like bread dough with pencil marks in it. We had a guy called Sid in our group and he loved to eat so this was an easy one to remember!


Lobophyllia Mussidae is a mushroom coral and has an uncanny resemblance to Mick Jagger’s lips!!! You will never be able to look at the coral or Mick Jagger in the same way again, just I haven’t been able to!!!


During my time in the Seychelles we also learnt about the local sea cucumber species and without a doubt there was one that was everyone’s favourite! The Flower Fish, in case the name doesn’t give it away completely this sea cucumber is the coolest sea cucumber in the world!!! With flowery petal like feet at the front and back, it clambers over the corals and rocks with ease. One of the friendlier species it will happily climb aboard your tank without you realising and join you on your dive!!



(Normally a bright and vibrant cucumber, but this was the best picture I could find from our collection)


I hope that this light blog has made you smile and next time you are down underwater trying to figure out how you could possible remember all of those corals, just remember there is always a fun way!!!

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