Coral Knowledge Week 5 by Emily

Due to a technical error this week I am unable to post the pod cast but there will definitely be one soon!


Instead I will talk about the Siderastreidae family.


The Siderastreidae family consists of Siderastrea, Pseudosiderastrea and Psammacora (silent P for both!)


Siderastrea Siderastreidae has fan like septa, with deep round corallites and it is often referred to as looking like bread dough with pencil holes in it! Most commonly seen in massive and encrusting forms it is easily identifiable.


Pseudosiderastrea Siderastreidae (that’s a mouthful and a half!!) is also most commonly found in encrusting and massive forms. It is one of the more common hard corals found in the Indian Ocean with small walls, big corallites and fan like septa.


Psammacora Siderastreidae is a very ‘fuzzy’ coral. It is very hard to tell where any corallites are. The most common lifeforms are submassive, massive and foliose. Its corallites are very shallow and small and the walls are in distinctive. Its polyps are usually only extended at night.


All being well next week I hope to have the pod cast live to you.


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