Coral Knowledge Week 2 by Emily

After reviewing one of the most common families last week I thought that I would share with you the next family of coral which are also not only found in the Indian Ocean.


The Pocilloporidae family consists of Pocillopora, Stylophora, and Seriatopora. As with the Acroporidae family each genre is remarkably different.


Pocillopora Pocilloporidae has colonies covered in wart-like growths/nodules called verrucae. The corallites are immersed and appear as small dark spots on the verrucae. The most common lifeform for Pocillopora is Submassive. It can vary in colour and size dramatically.



Stylophora Pocilloporidaehas hooded corallites which makes the Coenosteum quite rough. The hoods are arched over the upper edge of the corallites. The branches have blunt ends that become thick and submassive.  I often think that these look like teddy bear feet!!


Seriatopora Pocilloporidae is always branching and has tapered ends. It has radial corallites and is often pink in colour but can be a variety of pale colours. 


Next week we shall look into the Poritidae family!! 

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