Coral Knowledge – Week 1 by Emily

This week I thought it would be great to start going more into individual coral genre and families. The most common on corals and the easiest to identify that are found worldwide is the Acroporidae Family.


Within this family the three main genre are Acropora, Astreopora, and Montipora. Although being within the same family there are very noticeable differences between these three.


Acropora Acroporidae has axial corallites (tips of the branches have 1 big corallite and are paler) and radial corallites (darker and smaller corallites all over the branches). This coral is also always Branching. 


Astreopora Acroporidae looks like something out of space! It can come in a very wide variety of colours, it has cone shaped corallites which have a big hole in the centre and dashed costae along the walls (costae are radial elements of corallites found on the out edge of the walls).


Montipora Acroporidae is predominantly a Foliose coral. It has tiny corallites nestled in between random ridges and bumps. Corallites are often only ½ mm in size!



Next week we shall look into the Pocilloporidae family!! :-)







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